Feature: Layne Hinton

Sagan MacIsaacComment

Layne Hinton's (en)meshes 

Layne Hinton, (en)meshes, 2015

Layne Hinton, (en)meshes, 2015

Layne Hinton is a true multi-disciplinary artist. Through installation, film/video, performance, sculpture, printmaking and collage, Hinton examines space, light, and form. Her architectural, texture-heavy Sagan Editions print (en)meshes reflects her ability to easily translate sculptural 3D forms with wire to a screen print and subsequent digital work. Her experimentation with mediums collides into a layered collage that's rich in depth, both in perspective and tone. 

Layne made this awesome visual-mapping of her process to give us a behind the scenes look at the making of (en)meshes:

Want to learn more about Layne's practice? Check out my conversation with her for AkimboTV here. 

-Sagan MacIsaac